I want, I want, I want… Jan/Feb 2012 edition

Posted: January 21, 2012 in randomly chosen...
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Since you all know I’m a shopaholic I wanna show you my current biggest lemmings are:

IronFist Polka Dot-Bow Wallet

Seen on ebay.com for 16,50 $

cute Tiger necklace

Seen on ebay.com for 12,99 $

Cream & Black Ankle-Heels with with bow

Seen on ebay.co.uk 11.68 GBP

Zoya Fleck Collection

seen on ebay.com for 18,00 $

Coca Cola Candy Wrapper Bag

seen on ecoist.com for 29,50 $

I always wanted one of those Candy Wrapper purses and as I stumbled over that one I fell in love. 🙂 And the Heels are awesome, I might never wear them but I want them so bad.

What are your current lemmings? Do you want something really bad at the moment?

  1. I love those shoes! They are seriously so cute! ❤ Great picks!

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