Haul of Shame… Nail Mail #2

Posted: June 2, 2012 in randomly chosen...

Yepp, yepp, I couldn’t resist… again 😀

These are some polishes I purchased over the last couple weeks…

Flormar Polish in 431 — Foil Blue >>> 1,95 € from Douglas

Catrice Cruise Couture TE “Nautica” — shimmery navy blue >>> 2,49 € from DM

Essie Mirror Metallics LE “No place like Chrome” — silver chrome >>> 7,95 € from Douglas

Essie Mirror Metallics LE “Nothing else metals” — pinky-purple chrome >>> 7,95 € from Douglas

Butter London “Lillibet’s Jubilee” — lavender foil >>> 16,95 € from Douglas

OPI Spiderman LE “Number One Nemesis” — greyish-golden foil metallic

OPI Spiderman LE “My Boyfriend scales Walls” — greyish white

OPI Touring America LE “I brake for manicures” — purple-brown

each 5,99 $ from ebay. com

And this is what my roomate brought from her USA Trip:

Sephora by OPI

“Don’t feed the Hand-Models”

“Call your mother”

“Caught with my Khakis down”

9,50 $ each from Sephora


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