Here’s part 3 of my polish collection. Enjoy! 🙂



Femme Fatal

Reach Peach

Hypnotic Poison

Princes Prunella

Time for Romance

Hard to Resist

Blue Addicted

In Style

Choose Me

Where is the Party

Rich & Pretty


Mellow Yellow

Make it Golden


Iced Latte

Cotton Candy


Wanna Kiss

Midnight Rocker

Must Have


Ticket to the Show/Front Row or Backstage

Midnight Date/City that never Sleeps


Ballerina Backstage: On your Gracile Tiptoe

Ballerina Backstage: Grand-Plié in Black

Vampires Love: Into the Night

Fruity: One Kiwi a Day

Fruity: Mashed Berries or Very Cherry (I don’t know the name of this one cause it doesn’t say on the sticker. There were 2 similar pinks in this collection and this is the lighter one.)

Crystelliced: Ice Eyes Baby

Crystelliced: Frosted Champaign

Urban Messages: Skyscraper

Urban Messages: Nightline

50’s Girls reloaded: You’re a Heartbreaker

Re-Mis your Style: Feels so Good

Special Effect Topper: Mystic Mermaid

Show your Feet: Flamingo Rose

Legends of the Sky: Flying Higher

Crazy Good Times: Candiction

Rebels: Mauve like a Rockstar

Surfer Babe: Hang Loose

Blossoms etc.:

My Yellow Fellow

A Hint of Mint

I Like



Stay tuned for Part 4…

xoxo Yvi


About two weeks ago I stumbled over the new Essence Ready for Boarding Trend Edition in my local drugstore. There wasn’t much in that TE that really interested me, although the design of the Eyeshadow pallete was pretty cute. The polish colors were pretty boring, the Peel Off Base Coat, I showed you in my recent Haul of Shame was already sold out, so I decided to try out the Lip & Cheek Cremes. And I bought both of them.

Here’s what they look like:

On the left we have “Sending you Kisses”, a dark fushia pink, and on the right is “Beauty on Tour”, a coral peach color. The consitency is really nice, very creamy and not sticky at all. The pigmentation is very good, and they blend on easily and are also buildable on your cheeks and lips if you want a richer color.  The price was around 3 € each.

Here is a “heavy” swatch on the back of my hand:

left: Sending you Kisses

right: Beauty on Tour

My own opinion is that I would rather use them on my cheeks than on my lips, but the only reason for that is, that I don’t like lip products, where you have to stick your fingers in to apply them.

If you can still get them, just go ahead. I think they are a realy good product for the price and worth checking them out.

xoxo Yvi

As promised, here is my nail polish haul! These are polishes I purchased over the last couple of weeks.

P2 What’s up? Beach Babe “Good Lovin'” >>> 1,95 €

P2 What’s up? Beach Babe “Adventurous” >>> 1,95 €

Essence Reday for Boarding Peel Off Base Coat >>> 1,75 €

Essence Color & Go “Blue Addicted” >>> 1,25 €

The Peel Off Base Coat I just bought to try out. Maybe if it works, it would be a good solution for Glitter polishes, since they are a pain to remove. And as a note, the Essence Color & Go polishes are all on sale for 0,95 € now, since they all going to be discontinued by august. Essence is going to change the bottle shape and size and some of the colors, as well as the price. I obviously got mine before the sale.

Essie “Watermelon”

Essie “Sole Mate”

Essie “Bikini so Teeny”

Essie “All tied Up”

each 7,95 €

Zoya “Lotus”

Zoya “Wednesday”

each 10,40 €

OPI “Into the Night”

OPI “Just spotted the Lizard”

each 5,99 $

OPI “Tease-y does it” >>> 8,- €

The “Tease-y does it” I got from a local Douglas store, which is a beauty departement store chain comparable to Sephora over here. Normally their OPI polishes are 16 €, which I think is ridiculous,  but I wanted that color so bad and so I decided to spend that money anyways. So I was pretty surprised, that at the checkout it was mraked down to 8 €, which is a discount of 50 %! Yay! 🙂

Hope you liked my little Haul. I already ordered some more polishes online, so I will have another Haul up in the next weeks. 🙂

xoxo Yvi

Hey Lovelies!

Since Essie is now available in most drugstores in Germany, and they have made quite a few changes on the product, I decided I wanna do a little comparison between the two. I chose “Turquoise & Caicos” on the German side and “Who is the Boss?” on the US side.

Let the Games begin…. 🙂

So here they are next to each other. On your left we have “Turquoise & Caicos” and on your right “Who is the Boss?”

There are over 70 colors to choose from in their permanent line over here. Plus several limited editions over the year. Unfortunately we don’t get all the collections they bring out in the US.

The first difference is the little name tag. The German version has it stuck on the bottle cap, the US version on the bottom of the bottle.

But the most noticable difference you can see when you unscrew the bottle.

The brush is much bigger and wider than the one from the US version.  Comparable to the the Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure brushes. I have heard, the small version is also available but just in salons.

The formula has also changed. Most of the colors are “One-Coaters”, except for some of the Soft Shades like “Marshmellow” or “Ballett Slippers”.  They go on very smooth. They stay on my nails for up to 5 days without chipping or any kind of tipwear, depending on the color. Which I think is a great improvement, cause normally nail polish last on me no longer than 2 days.

Here the overview:


+ more collections

+ collections are out earlier

+ the price in online stores is cheaper

– very small brush

– stying power isn’t that great

– sometimes they go on streaky

– buying them online takes some waiting time, due to overseas shipping


German Version

+ wider brush makes application easier

+ stay on longer

+ go on more smooth

+ availability is easier

+/- price is higher than in online stores but cheaper than before (before 13,95 € now 7,95 €)

– some colors and collections not available


So overall Germany wins with 4.5 to 3 over the USA. Yay!!! 🙂

I really love Essie, so I will still be buying both styles. The simple reason is, that there are so many colors out there, that we don’t have here. 🙂

Hope you liked my little comparison…

Here I am back with none other then… the Haul! 🙂

I was litterly more shopping then writing, so I’ show you what I got recently…

Essence Eau de Toilette “Like a Trip to New York” >>> 2,99 €

Paris Hilton Passport Eau de Toilette “South Beach” >>> 4,90 €

Body Shop Raspberry Ripple Shower Gel >>> 3,- €

Body Shop Lily Cole Pearl Radiance Primer >>> 10,- €

NYX “Bohemian Rhapsody” 10 Color Eyeshadow Palette >>> 9,95 €

Manhattan Intense Effect Eyeshadow ” Rich Aubergine” & “Aqua Turquoise” >>> each 3,95 €

Essence Fix & Matte translucent loose powder >>> 3,99 €

The perfumes are pretty cute. I have one of the Paris Hilton Passport ones in a bigger size already. The Essence one is also available in 50ml size, but I decided for the smaller ones, cause I think they will be perfect for the purse.

Here are the eyeshadows up close:

Manhattan “Aqua Turquoise” & “Rich Aubergine”

NYX “Bohemian Rhapsody” Palette

A side note: When NYX products finally arrived in German stores some time ago, the prices were ridiculous high for a drugstore product. The price for this palette would have been 46,- € (!!!!!), a lipgloss would have been 15,- € and a nail polish 14,- €! Those prices would have been comparable to MAC. After a lot of people complained about the prices they ended up changing them into more affordable ones. So 9,95 € for this palette is a good deal I think.

Since I have some days off, I’ll post another Haul tomorrow. And guess what it is??? … All right, you got me. It’s NAIL POLISH!!! 🙂

Today I wanna show you this Tony Moly Nail Polish Set I purchased on ebay a couple weeks ago and which just arrived in the mail.

The colors are:

GS08 – Milky Way >>> a light blue with blue, pink and silver different sized glitters

GS09 – Shooting Star >>> a light lavender with multicolored different sized glitters

GS10 – Pinky Star >>> a light pink with red, gold and pink different sized glitters

 Milky Way I guess, is a dupe for Deborah Lippmann’s “Glitter in the Air” or Revlon “Whimsical”. Those are both polishes that are on my wishlist, so I have none of them to compare, but just from inside the bottle, they look the same. I made some swatches on my swatch-sticks:

Here they are swatched all by themselves, it’s three coats of each.

Here they are swatched over one coat of OPI “My boyfriend scales walls”. Those where 2 coats of each.

left are the polishes alone, three coats.

right over a white base, two coats.

As you can see, they go on pretty sheer. If you want a good coverage I would recommend a white or other matching base color underneath.

I bought them on as a Set for 18,92 $ plus 5,30 $ international shipping, but I’ve seen them recently for the same price with free shipping from a different seller. They ship from Korea and it took them 2 weeks to arrive in Germany.

Part 2 of my collection contains all my Anny polishes. Anny is a German Brand sold exclusivly at Douglas.

Mini Polish Set “Anny meets Havanna”

Latina — burned orange

Soul Sister — redish brown

South Beach — coraly red

Anny Mini polishes:

regular sized Anny polishes:

Anny polishes are a little more on the expensive site. They retail for 9,50 € each. And there are 15ml in there.

to be continued… 😉