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Part 2 of my collection contains all my Anny polishes. Anny is a German Brand sold exclusivly at Douglas.

Mini Polish Set “Anny meets Havanna”

Latina — burned orange

Soul Sister — redish brown

South Beach — coraly red

Anny Mini polishes:

regular sized Anny polishes:

Anny polishes are a little more on the expensive site. They retail for 9,50 € each. And there are 15ml in there.

to be continued… 😉


LE Spiced Pumpkin Shower Gel ===> 3,50 € at The Body Shop

Anny “Blue Fashion Show” ===> 9,50 € at Douglas

Biocura “Taubenblau” ===> 1,99 € at Aldi

Essence Stay all day Concealer in Natural Beige ===> 2,49 € at Ihr Platz