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Here’s part 3 of my polish collection. Enjoy! 🙂



Femme Fatal

Reach Peach

Hypnotic Poison

Princes Prunella

Time for Romance

Hard to Resist

Blue Addicted

In Style

Choose Me

Where is the Party

Rich & Pretty


Mellow Yellow

Make it Golden


Iced Latte

Cotton Candy


Wanna Kiss

Midnight Rocker

Must Have


Ticket to the Show/Front Row or Backstage

Midnight Date/City that never Sleeps


Ballerina Backstage: On your Gracile Tiptoe

Ballerina Backstage: Grand-Plié in Black

Vampires Love: Into the Night

Fruity: One Kiwi a Day

Fruity: Mashed Berries or Very Cherry (I don’t know the name of this one cause it doesn’t say on the sticker. There were 2 similar pinks in this collection and this is the lighter one.)

Crystelliced: Ice Eyes Baby

Crystelliced: Frosted Champaign

Urban Messages: Skyscraper

Urban Messages: Nightline

50’s Girls reloaded: You’re a Heartbreaker

Re-Mis your Style: Feels so Good

Special Effect Topper: Mystic Mermaid

Show your Feet: Flamingo Rose

Legends of the Sky: Flying Higher

Crazy Good Times: Candiction

Rebels: Mauve like a Rockstar

Surfer Babe: Hang Loose

Blossoms etc.:

My Yellow Fellow

A Hint of Mint

I Like



Stay tuned for Part 4…

xoxo Yvi


Part 2 of my collection contains all my Anny polishes. Anny is a German Brand sold exclusivly at Douglas.

Mini Polish Set “Anny meets Havanna”

Latina — burned orange

Soul Sister — redish brown

South Beach — coraly red

Anny Mini polishes:

regular sized Anny polishes:

Anny polishes are a little more on the expensive site. They retail for 9,50 € each. And there are 15ml in there.

to be continued… 😉

Part 1 of my collection, all my OPIs and Nicole by OPIs. Attention! Pic heavy! 😉


So that’s Part 1. Stay tuned, cause, there is a lot more to come… 😉