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Well, week 2 of my Weight Watchers experience has passed. And I have to say, I am about to through everything over board. Seriously it’s not, that I don’t want to diet, I set my mind on this and I wouldn’t stop right now. But I am getting more and more frustrated with it and I don’t think WW is the right thing for me. See, have you ever gone to the grocery store, looking at the vegetable and fruit isle and wanted to take out a knife to stab everything on there to death??? That’s how I feel right now. I mean, I love fruits, I love vegetables, but that’s kinda all I eat the whole day to feel satisfied. Veggies don’t have any kind of points you know. And instead of chocolate, candy or chips I eat a banana, a clementine or some snap peas at night.

Alright, don’t get me wrong, I eat my pasta for lunch or some potatoes with…, you guess… vegetables! Yay! (Urgh!) But I feel I’ve become more and more angry during those two weeks. I want chocolate soooo bad!!!

You might think that a look at the scale is motivating me not to stop? Well the first week it kinda was. I lost 1.3 lbs. Not that much, but at least it was a healthy amount of weight. (I have to admit, that I was a little jealous of room-mate cause she lost 4.9 lbs in that week! But she did some sports as well, and I didn’t.) This week the results were kinda devastating to me. I lost only 0.2 lbs! WTF??? Seriously??? I followed the rules, counted my points, didn’t overeat, but this was kind of… well I haven’t expected that. This was the point were I started to wonder if this was the right thing for me.

Now I’m starting this project to do a little workout at least every other day, to see if this changes a bit. If it does I guess I won’t continue WW cause it proves my point, that I don’t need to starve myself to death, to loose weight, if I just work out. I’m reading a lot of health and diet books, cause I really like them, and I might start something new. But I guess I just try out different things and sum up what I think is best for me.

Well, if anybody thinks I am weak now, let me tell you this. Everybody of us is different. Some of us need certain things, and others don’t. I love food, and I love eating. I want to eat a f***ing fat pizza sometimes without thinking “Oh gosh, that was way more than my points allow me”. I give kudos to everybody who has the dicipline to stick with strict diets or who are not craving something for the sweet tooth sometimes. But anyways,…

I’m not giving up (yet)! And I still want chocolate sooooooooooooooooooooo bad!!!!