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Yay, my last 2 nail polish packages have arrived! And, yeah, I couldn’t handle myself and bought two more of the new Essence polishes. Shame on me… 😉

Here are the pictures:

Essence Color & Go “Boho Chic” >>> peach with gold shimmer and flakies

Essence Color & Go “Ballerina’s Charm” >>> pastel lilac with subtle silver shimmer

1,55 € each in drugstores

Barry M Chameleon Color Changing polishes in “Chameleon Pink” & “Chameleon Blue”

3,99 GBP each on

China Glaze “Pool Party” >>> creme neon pink

China Glaze “Flirty Tankini” >>> shimmer pinky-orange neon

3,99 $ each from

OPI “Coney Island Cotton Candy” >>> milky pastel peach >>> 5,99 $

China Glaze “Elephant Walk” >>> greenish-grey shimmer >>> 3,99 $


Orly “Dayglow” >>> white with blue sheen >>> 5,95 $

Orly “Beach Cruiser” >>> cool toned neon pink

Orly “Glowstick” >>> pure neon yellow

both 6,95 $, all from

I tried to make a picture of the blue sheen from the Orly “Dayglow” but I had to darken it a lot so you can see:

There you go! 🙂

By the way, pictures doesn’t do the neon ones justice. They look so much brighter in real life than on photos or in videos. I saw so many swatches of these but was actually pretty much shocked when I hold them in my hands after unpacking. 🙂

So much for this Haul…

xoxo Yvi


What would a nail polish addict do, if you give her some money? … Get her junk together!!! 🙂

Essie “Chubby Cheeks” >>> 7,95 €

Zoya “Tru” >>> 5,99 $

Zoya “Kendal” >>> 5,99 $

OPI “Jade is the new Black” >>> 5,99 $

OPI “I don’t give a Rotterdam” >>> 5,99 $

OPI “Pirouette my Whistle” >>> 5,99 $

OPI “I lily love you” >>> 6,99 $

OPI “Play the Peonies” >>> 6,99 $

China Glaze Crackle “Glam-More” >>> 3,25 $

I purchased all these polishes over the last couple of weeks, and there are still 2 packages on the way to me. I have also already gotten  some other exciting new polishes here at home which are worth doing a seperate post. 🙂

Hope you enjoyed…

xoxo Yvi

Ever since I saw swatches of MUA Eyeshadow popping up on several blogs, I was dying to try them out. Finally I decided to buy one of their palettes on ebay.

I choose the Immaculate Collection, which is a 24 shadow palette, cause that one offered the most oppertunities in trying out colors for me.

Here’s what the baby looks like:

I swatched some of the colors on my finger and the pigmentation is really great. The only colors I wasn’t too impressed with are the matte brown and the matte purple. Those two are so hard pressed, that you barely get some color payoff. Some of the more glittery colors are a bit “crumbly” but overall I really like the palette.

Here are the color close-ups:

Pretty aren’t they? I would have done swatches, but my camera wouldn’t really pick them up that well.

I bought this palette on for 11,99 GBP, you can find it and all the other ones by typing in “MUA palette” in the search field.


xoxo Yvi

Today I wanna show you this Tony Moly Nail Polish Set I purchased on ebay a couple weeks ago and which just arrived in the mail.

The colors are:

GS08 – Milky Way >>> a light blue with blue, pink and silver different sized glitters

GS09 – Shooting Star >>> a light lavender with multicolored different sized glitters

GS10 – Pinky Star >>> a light pink with red, gold and pink different sized glitters

 Milky Way I guess, is a dupe for Deborah Lippmann’s “Glitter in the Air” or Revlon “Whimsical”. Those are both polishes that are on my wishlist, so I have none of them to compare, but just from inside the bottle, they look the same. I made some swatches on my swatch-sticks:

Here they are swatched all by themselves, it’s three coats of each.

Here they are swatched over one coat of OPI “My boyfriend scales walls”. Those where 2 coats of each.

left are the polishes alone, three coats.

right over a white base, two coats.

As you can see, they go on pretty sheer. If you want a good coverage I would recommend a white or other matching base color underneath.

I bought them on as a Set for 18,92 $ plus 5,30 $ international shipping, but I’ve seen them recently for the same price with free shipping from a different seller. They ship from Korea and it took them 2 weeks to arrive in Germany.

Since you all know I’m a shopaholic I wanna show you my current biggest lemmings are:

IronFist Polka Dot-Bow Wallet

Seen on for 16,50 $

cute Tiger necklace

Seen on for 12,99 $

Cream & Black Ankle-Heels with with bow

Seen on 11.68 GBP

Zoya Fleck Collection

seen on for 18,00 $

Coca Cola Candy Wrapper Bag

seen on for 29,50 $

I always wanted one of those Candy Wrapper purses and as I stumbled over that one I fell in love. 🙂 And the Heels are awesome, I might never wear them but I want them so bad.

What are your current lemmings? Do you want something really bad at the moment?

While I was browsing through one of my favorite blogs I saw these amazing earrings she got from I had to have these for myself. So I typed in “long tassel butterfly earrings” and found them.

Aren’t they georgeous???

There were super-cheap, I paid 1,63 $ for them and it was free worldwide shipping. They came all the way from Hong Kong and shipping took about 16 days.

After I purchased them, I kinda tasted blood and went on a hunt for custom jewelry. And ended up finding those:

Aren’t they super cute??? Take a closer look.

The necklace is about 48 cm long and is also adjustable in length for about 5 more cm. At the end the little chain extender is another little Panda Head you can see in the picture above. The Panda Head itself is 4 cm wide.

The Panda on the “little” Ring is actually 3 cm wide. It’s like a supercute cocktail ring. 🙂

This one is not adjustable in size. Mine is like a size 7 cause it fits perfectly on my ring finger. I wish I had gotten it in a bigger size, cause I’d like to wear rings like that on my index finger, but in this particular shop, there were no size choices. But I’ve seen different shops, that have them in several sizes from 6 to 9.

I paid 2,99 $ for the necklace and 2,29 $ for the ring and it was also free worldwide shipping from Hong Kong. If you want them, type in “Panda necklace or ring”.

I’m sooooo in love with my new jewelry, and there’s some more on the way. 🙂

So stay tuned for more ebay finding posts!

Karyn Bosnak – Save Karyn ===> 0,99 Pounds on

Alan Bradley – Flavia De Luce: Mord im Gurkenbeet ===> 2,48 € on amazon marketplace

OPI Are we there Yet? & OPI Just a little Rösti at this ===> each 5,99 $ on

Essie Bangle Jangle ===> 4,99 $ on

Essence In Style & Essence Rich & Pretty ===> each 1,25 € from the drugstore