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Same procedure as every year. We all made our New Years resolutions. Mine was actually to make no resolutions. But anyways, somehow out of  coincidence, Roomate and I decided to start doing Weight Watchers at the same time. You’ve never heard of Weight Watchers? Well then you’ve probably lived under a rock for the last 20 something years or you simply have the genes of a supermodel paired with a fitness guru with a size 0 waist. If not, you now what I am talking about.

So I’ve never done his before, well maybe ’cause I am not really the kind of girl who loves dieting adventures, but I thought whatever, let’s give this ride a try. Alright, alright, alright. The actuall reason is another. Have you ever looked at photographs of you, and asked yourself  “where the heck have I been in this picture?” And then you realize you’re the fattie in the front covering everybody else? – Guilty! That’s the only reason my facebook page has so many portraits of me!

Alright, so yesterday I subscribed for the online program, which is new. It’s quite nice, you don’t have to go to the meetings, don’t have to carry a journal around with you, you simply type everything in that little program on your computer. It even has an iPhone App for on the go! Pretty awesome, right? Well, for those who have an iPhone at least. (Oh, dear people at Weight Watchers. Just imagine, even though Apple has kinda become the leading force in mobile comunication technology, still not everybody owns one of their mobile phones. So if you’re not willing to give one out for free, who cares about your stupid App???)

I updated my profile, filled in my facts, measured my size. And nope, I won’t tell you my weight, cause I’m a girl and we’re not talking lbs. Sorry! And then I started counting the points. And after day 2, I’m already almost about to give up. I am bored, I am hungry and I am starving! Maybe I shouldn’t surround myself with people who are nibbling on chocolate the whole time. Makes it pretty hard, to stay focused. So dear fellow work-mates, I dare you to eat that damn candy around me. If I’m going through hell, I’ll take you with me! #insert-evil-laughter-here. I’m even thinking of suggesting healthy snacks for our First Class passenger to my company. What about grapes, cherry tomatos or cucumber sticks instead of that mean chocolate covered almonds???

Besides, vegetables and fruits count o points. So here’s a little peek at my “dinner” tonight:

Apricots and clementines. Looks delicious, right? Hm, I wonder if you can deep-fry them, to make them taste more like potato chips…