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While I was browsing through one of my favorite blogs I saw these amazing earrings she got from I had to have these for myself. So I typed in “long tassel butterfly earrings” and found them.

Aren’t they georgeous???

There were super-cheap, I paid 1,63 $ for them and it was free worldwide shipping. They came all the way from Hong Kong and shipping took about 16 days.

After I purchased them, I kinda tasted blood and went on a hunt for custom jewelry. And ended up finding those:

Aren’t they super cute??? Take a closer look.

The necklace is about 48 cm long and is also adjustable in length for about 5 more cm. At the end the little chain extender is another little Panda Head you can see in the picture above. The Panda Head itself is 4 cm wide.

The Panda on the “little” Ring is actually 3 cm wide. It’s like a supercute cocktail ring. 🙂

This one is not adjustable in size. Mine is like a size 7 cause it fits perfectly on my ring finger. I wish I had gotten it in a bigger size, cause I’d like to wear rings like that on my index finger, but in this particular shop, there were no size choices. But I’ve seen different shops, that have them in several sizes from 6 to 9.

I paid 2,99 $ for the necklace and 2,29 $ for the ring and it was also free worldwide shipping from Hong Kong. If you want them, type in “Panda necklace or ring”.

I’m sooooo in love with my new jewelry, and there’s some more on the way. 🙂

So stay tuned for more ebay finding posts!