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What would a nail polish addict do, if you give her some money? … Get her junk together!!! 🙂

Essie “Chubby Cheeks” >>> 7,95 €

Zoya “Tru” >>> 5,99 $

Zoya “Kendal” >>> 5,99 $

OPI “Jade is the new Black” >>> 5,99 $

OPI “I don’t give a Rotterdam” >>> 5,99 $

OPI “Pirouette my Whistle” >>> 5,99 $

OPI “I lily love you” >>> 6,99 $

OPI “Play the Peonies” >>> 6,99 $

China Glaze Crackle “Glam-More” >>> 3,25 $

I purchased all these polishes over the last couple of weeks, and there are still 2 packages on the way to me. I have also already gotten  some other exciting new polishes here at home which are worth doing a seperate post. 🙂

Hope you enjoyed…

xoxo Yvi


Nail polish collection overview April 2012:

I think the count was about 300 bottles then. But I already bought some more. 😉

Next month I wanna buy one of those wall racks, to organize them a little better. I might do a collection overview again if I have found a better storage solution.

Since you all know I’m a shopaholic I wanna show you my current biggest lemmings are:

IronFist Polka Dot-Bow Wallet

Seen on for 16,50 $

cute Tiger necklace

Seen on for 12,99 $

Cream & Black Ankle-Heels with with bow

Seen on 11.68 GBP

Zoya Fleck Collection

seen on for 18,00 $

Coca Cola Candy Wrapper Bag

seen on for 29,50 $

I always wanted one of those Candy Wrapper purses and as I stumbled over that one I fell in love. 🙂 And the Heels are awesome, I might never wear them but I want them so bad.

What are your current lemmings? Do you want something really bad at the moment?

Today, I wanted to just something fun. This is a Tag goin’ around on youtube called “Nail Polish Obsession”, and since I am obviously nail polish addicted I decided to participate in that one. Since I don’t do videos on youtube, I will do it blogger-style. 🙂

Let’s get started!

1. What is your favorite nail polish company?

I can’t decide on one single company, so I show you my 3 favorites:

2. Glitter or no Glitter?

Let the pictures speak:

(and that’s not even all…)

3.  OPI, China Glaze or Essie?

If I have to decide between them, I would say Essie. But OPI is pretty close.

4. When do you change your nail polish?

Usually in the evening while watching TV or videos on youtube.

5. What’s your favorite color on your nails?

That depends on my mood. Recently I am more into blues. I am buying blue nail polish like crazy. Before that it was green. But sometimes I just like a classic red or pink nail.

6.  Darks or Brights?

Usually Darks. I love those vampy colors all around the year. I like Brights, but only in “real” summer, with sun, hot temperatures, etc.

7. What are you wearing on your nails right this moment?

Orly Au Champagne with Essie Set in Stones on the ring finger

8. Matte Nails – In or Out?

Out! Never liked them, just not for me.

9. French Manicure?

Love it. Looks really chic and classic, but just when you have longer nails. I don’t like it, when you have supershort nails and just put a white tip on. That doesn’t look good to me.

10.  Favorite Winter color?

I don’t have one specific winter color. I like everything muted and kinda dark, like dark plum colors, greys and vampy reds. And I also like jeweltoned or glitter colors. Here are some examples:

OPI – Lincoln Park after Dark, Zoya – Edyta, Essie – Limited Addiction, OPI – Diva of Geneva

So that’s it. Tag completed. 🙂

You guessed it: Nail polish!!! 🙂


Zoya Neeka